1:1 Job Coaching, Job Coach and Job seeker sitting at table; pens, paper and glasses

1:1 Job Coaching

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Pre-employment skills/Employability Education - The in-class courses teaches Individuals;
  • Soft skills (useful for all jobs),
  • Job readiness,
  • Professionalism in the Workplace,
  • Skills and Interests,
  • Resume writing/Interview preparation,
  • Personal Hygiene,
  • Banking,
  • Telling Time,
  • Teamwork, confidence and leadership skills
  • Direct Job Skills and anything else we encounter during the course of exploring employment practices.
  • Job/Volunteer Search/Job Coaching
  • WHMIS/Health & Safety Training
Please make sure you have completed our Job Seeker Client intake first before booking.

Book with us online here OR call the office to get more information 613-756-0723 OR email us at bookings@accessworkservice.ca, either way we will be in touch to confirm time, date and any custom details you require.