Services - Business or Home/Cottage Owners and Seniors

Employment Matchmaker - Temporary Employment Solutions

Got a project you need help with, or just require an hour or two of assistance? It doesn’t matter what size of business or job you have; we can help. Our reliable workers are ready, willing, and able. 

Let us make your yardwork easy.Let us make your cleaning job easy.Let us make your snow shovelling easy!

Some examples of how we can provide help are: 

We consider job-seeker individual interests, skills and preferences then match and market their strengths to service business or homeowners. 

Our Job Coaches provide liaison between business/job-seekers, can assist job-seekers with transportation, monitor job progress, support both job-seekers and employers throughout the employment process, provide consistent follow-ups to ensure employer satisfaction or to incorporate new tasks.   

person with working gloves