About Us

Access Work Service (AWS) is a Trillium partner and non-profit organization that provides employability training, employment & temporary work services for people under-represented in the labour market and vulnerable individuals experiencing disabilities/barriers to employment by connecting them with a supportive employer.

Employment Matchmaker - Temporary Staffing Solutions.

Ontario Trillium Foundation Recognition

As both an advocate and service provider, we empower people with barriers/disabilities by providing them the ability to obtain training and obtain jobs for prosperity and independent active living in a rural community.  We work with a diverse group, representing a range of compensating strengths and abilities.


Our services and programs help the following:

  • Job Seekers (persons under-presented in the labour market, persons with barriers/disabilities) 

  • Employer Services - A Business Owner

  • Home or Cottage Owner and Seniors

Our Job Coaches provide liaison between business/job-seekers, can assist job-seekers with transportation, monitor job progress, support both job-seekers and employers throughout the employment process, provide consistent follow-ups to ensure employer satisfaction or to incorporate new tasks.   

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 Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Access Work Service builds capacity for people under-represented in the labour market, vulnerable individuals experiencing disabilities/barriers and improves the employment outcomes. We do this by providing resources, education, training, and temporary job opportunities.

 Vision Statement

vision - close up of person with blue eyes

That everyone in our community has the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of employment.