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Resilient Communities Fund- This fund supports the non-profit sector recover and rebuild from the impacts emerging from COVID-19 so they can effectively meet the needs of communities across Ontario. See links below.

➡️Resilient Communities Fund | Ontario Trillium Foundation (

➡️559 Non-profits are receiving $42M in Resilient Communities Fund grants  | Ontario Trillium Foundation ( on April15/2021.

➡️Grant Awarded | Ontario Trillium Foundation (

Our organization, with a $29,700 Resilient Communities Fund grant over 6 months, will rebuild and recover from impacts of COVID-19 by purchasing health 👩🏾‍⚕️ and safety 🥽 equipment, cellphones 📱, laptops 💻 and iPads, cubicles, furniture, filing cabinets 🗄️ to pivot in-person programs to online delivery, enabling staff to work remotely, and updating office space for new distancing protocols.

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