How we have been fighting forward and adapting.

Fighting Forward

◼️ We have been making changes and propelling our organization to implement new approaches. Building a cohesive program & service delivery model encapsulating a hybrid model of in-person 🧍, tele-information ☎️ and online 💻 solutions to propel our organization.

◼️ We have completed Stage 1 in moving forward by implementing an online booking approach, created a blog and a new WEBSITE.
Click on the link to visit us ➡️

◼️ Developing new/alternative sources of revenue by seeking out new opportunities – see HOT 🔥 News below.

◼️    Social Media Improvements:

i. Our Facebook Page Reach statistics are up by 544% 👍 and Instagram Page Reach is up by 100% 👍 over last year.

ii. Created a YouTube channel to share our “Learning with Tess” Videos 🎥

iii. Plus, we are now on TikTok.

◼️ Adapting from in-person face-to-face 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 ONLY delivery to include tele-information ☎️ and 💻 online program /service delivery solutions. We will be working soon with an IT Specialist Consultant to complete our project for online training programs. Will touch on more in our next newsletter.

◼️ We will be moving forward to make better use of limited office space 🏢 to allow for social distancing 😷 protocols, and new technology 💻.

Please see our next Blog in this 8 part series.

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