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This year AWS has decided to do a virtual fundraiser!

We’re part of this year’s Plantables Fundraiser to help us fund some new lawn equipment. With the weather warming up and many of you thinking about rolling up your sleeves and getting back into the garden, it’s a great time to help us hit our goal. Not only do Plantables let you grow the same high-quality fruit and veggie plants used by farmers across the country, but they deliver your ready-to-plant plants to your front door exactly when you need them. That means all you have to do is bury them in the ground, give them some love and water and you’ll have tasty fruits and veggies in no time. (They’re all certified organic plants, too!) If you -- or anybody you know -- is looking to fill out their vegetable patch, tell them to head to and enter the code Access at the checkout. Make sure to click on the APPLY button at checkout AFTER you have entered the code of -> Access <- .  Thanks for all your support!

Please note, Plantables is only shipping within Ontario and Quebec this year. A charge a flat rate $13.99 for shipping. If 12+ plants are ordered shipping is free!

Stay Well,

From the Team at Access Work Service.

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Q: “Who are Plantables?”
If you haven’t heard of us before, don’t worry. We won’t take
offence. (We’re still a fairly new company, but our sister company, Roelands
Plant Farms, has been growing for farmers across North America
for years!)
We grow 100% organic fruit and veggie plants and ship them across
North America so more families can enjoy the experience of growing
and eating fresh food, without the hassle of growing from seeds or
buying dud plants from big box stores.
You can choose from 35+ varieties of organic plants, all grown to
be as tasty and easy-to-grow as possible. All just $4 a plant. If you’d
like to know more about us, head to and have a look

Q: “What types of plants can I order?”
Every single plant we grow is included in the fundraiser program.
That means that whether you’ve got friends who love their super
green smoothies, family members who eat lots of vegetables or
colleagues who love their herbal tea, there’s bound to be plants for
them on our site.
(We also sell chili peppers, watermelons, cucamelons, so there really is
something for everybody.)

Q: “Can we have our plants delivered immediately?”
You can (sort of).
Admittedly, we’re not Amazon Prime fast, but we’re still pretty
We ship our lovingly packed boxes of plants every Tuesday, so as
long as you’ve ordered your plants by midday on Friday the previous
week, then you can have garden-ready plants in your garden (or on
your balcony) within a week.

Q: “What if grandparents want to order but aren’t great at using the internet?”
If you have elderly relatives who struggle with the internet, we
recommend ordering plants on their behalf and getting them to pay
you back. (Although our website is super friendly and easy to use,
so they might not even need your help!)

Q: “Do I have to go pick up my plants or deliver them?”
Not at all.
We’ll send every plant directly to the door of everybody who orders.
All you have to do is share the coupon code (and perhaps send out
a few reminders). We’ll take care of everything else.
Like we said, you really can do this from your sofa.

Q: “Where are the plants grown?”
Your 100% organic plants are all grown and loved at our state-of-the-
art greenhouse in Forest, Ontario.
Roelands Plant Farms, our sister company, also use our greenhouse
to grow the fruits and veggies for farmers and growers all across
North America. 

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