Did you know we are Learning Resource Kit Builders?

Learning Resource Kit Builder

We have worked and collaborated in the past 5 years with the Ministry of Natural Resources building Fishing Survey Kits (Algonquin Park Angling Survey (APAS)) and we are currently working with Let’s Talk Science building TomatosphereTM  kits.

Our Non-Profit Temporary Staffing Solutions has helped people under-represented in the labour market and collaborated with supportive employers to obtain training and obtain jobs for prosperity and independent active living in a rural community. 

As Learning Resource Kit Builders, we work with Canada Nationwide Project initiatives and STEM Projects, which help students learn how to conduct a scientific experiment which in turn may help them be inspired to pursue further education in science and technology.

What is the definition of STEM in education?

STEM Meaning & Definition. In education, the acronym STEM stands for the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM education, then, is the learning of these STEM subjects through an integrated approach; one that offers hands-on and relevant learning experiences.

Algonquin Park Angling Survey (APAS)

The Algonquin Park Angling Survey (APAS) - Fishing Survey Kits for the Ministry of Natural Resources is a vital piece to a science program that monitors the health of the park’s fish populations. It only takes a couple of minutes each day to support fisheries research in Algonquin! Using the how to document, pencil and measuring tape provided, anglers are asked to record fishing time, catch, and harvest information throughout their trip. This data helps improve our understanding of the status and trends of fish populations in the park and supports the sustainable management of Algonquin’s recreational fisheries. See full Article here from MNR.

TomatoSphere Let's Talk Science

The TomatosphereTM  kits created and shipped for Let’s Talk Science which has evolved into a regular component of the science curriculum and is an award-winning program has engaged more than three million students since its inception in 2001 in Canada and the United States.  Tomatosphere™ - 20 years of an Out-Of-This-World Learning Program for Canadian Kindergarten through Grade 12 Educators – Investigate the effects of outer space on seed germination with their class.  Tomatosphere™ - is a hands-on program, using the excitement of space exploration to teach the skills and processes of scientific experimentation and inquiry.  Students engage in real science, contribute to a national database, and utilize problem solving skills. Students investigate the effects of the space environment on the growth of food that will inevitably support long-term human space travel.   Please see link below to learn more.  Tomatosphere (letstalkscience.ca)

Is your organization stretched for time and resources or your online course kit need bundling?  You supply the product; we sort, bundle and ship to your buyers/consumers.  If you are looking for a Kit Builder, please contact us at Access Work Service to obtain a quote.  

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