COVID-19 impacts on Access Work Service


With these unprecedented times and another COVID-19 😷lockdown, we are reaching out via email 📥. We are contacting as many friends, families, client/job-seekers, businesses, and seniors to keep you posted on our progress during these times.  Plus, a contact-less shout-out to collaborators and an opportunity to educate, liaison, and facilitate partnerships.

◼️ Delivering on organization mission and ability to be competitive was impacted as we were unable to provide in-person 🧑‍🤝‍🧑training/new client applications for programs/services and employment services.

◼️ Demands for services and generating revenue impacted as many employers laid off/closed offices and were not requiring employment or temporary employment services in our rural area. Fewer Air B&B, house/cottage cleaning 🧹employers were requesting service. COVID-19 social distancing restrictions impacted our ability to transport 🚗 multiple client/job-seekers to work assignments, as many of our client/job-seekers have no transportation, coupled with NO public transportation 🚌 in our area, they therefore rely on us to get them onsite.

◼️ Mandated closures 🔐required management and staff to work remotely.

◼️ The need to switch program/service model to a hybrid model, for it was originally designed for in-person face-to-face 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 only. The original website was minimal, not user friendly to modify and not configured for online training or client applications as examples. The need to enhance our organization supports with an on-line presence, on-line training capabilities, application opportunities, digital transformation, and social networking capabilities, to help pivot our business model from in-person only 🧑‍🤝‍🧑, to include tele-information ☎️ and online program/service delivery 💻.

◼️ The need to beef up 💻 technology and ☎️ communication infrastructure in order to move to online service delivery.

Please see our next Blog in this 8 part series.

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