Benefits of Hiring People with Disabilities/Barriers

Hiring People with Disabilities

Anyone can become disabled during their working career.  Many employers aren’t aware of the advantages in hiring someone with a disability/barrier: 

  • A large untapped pool of labour, that is eager and available for immediate employment 
  • Training support and other incentives are available to employers 
  • Discovery of unmet needs in employer business and aligning with person of barrier/disability who has hidden or untapped talents within your community 
  • Inclusion: Employees that more effectively reflect all sectors of the local population 
  • Education to other staff members or management of disability related issues, and supports that are available 
  • Job Coach/Developer liaison between business and person with barrier 
  • Consistent follow-up by Job Coaches/Developers to ensure employer satisfaction or to incorporate new tasks 
  • Employers will see value person with disability/barrier will add to business 

A disabled person may already have the necessary training to fill your vacant position and not exceed their limits. Many workplace accommodations that might be required to support an employee are often low cost & may be subsidized. These same accommodations could protect your current employees from injury or fatigue.   

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